Salutation to the Sun

By Kyle Wilfer

Aadhithya-hrudayam Punyam Sarva-Shathru Vinaa-shanam – Peace comes to those who keep the sun in their heart

As the sun prepares to perish on this day, allow our souls to rest and come anew with the growing strength of the force that gives us life. As the trees, plants, and small insects are awaiting their waking from their deep slumber in the coming months, allow us human incarnations to take this time to reflect, love, and know that the life force in the world is slowly becoming stronger. Allow the source of all life be kept in our hearts, in our minds, and in our spirit. The oneness of all on this manifested plane is symbiotic with the sun's strength and life giving power – allow us to never forget this ultimate truth. As we come from the source and will die to the source, allow us to manifest the source in all we do. 

Kyle's Bio:

I am witnessing the promises and pitfalls of this incarnation and writing is the mechanism in which the witness can speak. Through my many travels I have come to some amazing realizations that have carried on to everyday life. Finding God in the everyday is something that I seek, and the communication of these discoveries I find extremely important to share.


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