A Letter From Within

By Jayden Kyryluk I Am the infectious spirit that thrives within you, spreading positivity and light to all who cross your path. I Am the whisper of encouragement in your ear, urging you to see the beauty in the mundane and the wonder in the everyday. Look around you, and let your eyes be opened to the magnificence of the world. See the sky as a canvas painted with the hues of orange, red, and blue, and let its vastness remind you of the endless possibilities that lie before you. Embrace the clouds as they drift lazily across the heavens, and marvel at their ever-changing shapes and forms. Look down at the earth beneath your feet and feel the pulse of life coursing through its veins. Run your fingers through the grass and feel the softness of its blades against your skin. Reach out and touch the rough bark of a tree, and let its strength and resilience inspire you. For in every leaf that rustles in the breeze and every bird that sings its sweet song, there is a lesson to be learned and

Truth of Thought

By Jayden Kyryluk You are not what you think you are. You are what you think.   So be careful how you speak to yourself. You are always listening and you are always believing. If you desire an escape or change to your reality, the first thing you must do is realize that it was you who created it. Much like prison, you must realize you are the one who put yourself there, and to make an escape, the first step is knowing you are trapped. There is no chance, coincidence, or accidents when it comes to where you are right now. Not only are you exactly where you are supposed to be, but you are exactly where your thoughts brought you. You rise as high as your dominant aspirations and you descend to the level of your lowest concept of yourself.  The infinite intelligence within you responds to your thoughts. Be careful of the thought seeds you plant within, as they will grow to become your reality. Every thought taken as true by your conscious mind germinates in your subconscious to eventually

Reflections on Resurrection

By Aubert Bastiat Jesus spoke of resurrection, not just as a future event, but as a path – the “narrow path” – open to his followers. But what does resurrection truly entail?⁣ The answer emerges in several ways. The ultimate resurrection is a grand project – complete spiritual liberation, a state of enlightenment achieved by great sages who, like Yeshua, have walked the entire “Cycle of Initiation,” a journey spanning multiple lifetimes.⁣ Yet, there’s another kind of resurrection, a smaller step closer to home. We can experience it on a personal level, at any stage in our development. This is the “seed of change” that makes all the difference. The grand journey begins with a single step, taken exactly where we stand.⁣ There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual’s path unfolds uniquely, and every step is always the first on a grander journey. This vast cycle of initiations mirrors itself in our daily lives – the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. Just as the s

Soul Infection

By Jayden Kyryluk Be an infection. Not a health infection, but a soul infection. Infect others with a positive attitude. Infect them with a beautiful outlook on life; on the small things, on the things we all overlook. Look up at the sky in awe and see the clouds as you see your mother and hug them in wonder. Infect everyone you meet with happiness. Look down at the grass and up at the trees as a child in generous curiosity. For happiness, fulfillment, and love is found not on the surface, but within. When you find inspiration in the world, that feeling you get doesn’t come from what you see or what you seek, but from how you feel. It comes from a place you've already been before. On the surface, the sky, clouds, grass, and the trees appear to be a mere function of life, but in truth, they are life itself, and so are you. They are mirrors reflecting one another, so ask yourself: what do I want to reflect?  Your energy is contagious–reflect it onto others. Infect them with you, with

Being Human

By Jayden Kyryluk There is a deep loneliness in human beings. We search but we cannot find and we yearn for what we cannot have. We find ourselves looking over the edge of truth in search for what is false. It’s in our sight, but beyond our reach. In search of truth we look too far ahead or behind when it’s right in front of us. The sun is shining but we worry about the cloud’s drifting by. We worry about the river when the ocean is around the corner. Despite the clouds and obstacles that may block our view, the river continues to flow and the sun continues to shine, pulling us closer to the ocean within. There is beauty in everything and there is truth in beauty. 
 Some lessons are mystical and others are plain old real. Both find their way in our everyday life. When we set a goal and adjust our habits to reach it, we learn a real lesson that we consciously brought on ourself. Othertimes, a spark lights up within us that gives meaning to past experiences; these are mystical lessons. T

Breath In, Breathe Out

By Ben Puchniak Give yourself space to breathe, think, recycle and discard thoughts. Find the time and space once a day to recharge your mental landscape and de-clutter. So many of us go through the day without taking a minute to breathe and stop the process of overthinking. We let our thoughts and worries compound and eventually, they weigh us down. Having time and space to myself are the two most important constant aspects of my life. This means clearing a small amount of time in the day to be with yourself in a space that is comfortable for you. It could be in a park, in your bedroom, in the car or at a coffee shop; the goal is a stable mental state for a couple of minutes. This space to think can be considered meditation or reflection, but it doesn’t have to be. Find the time to sit and run over whatever is at the top of your consciousness–think about your worries–but don’t let them take over your train of thought. Think of them as problems or challenges to be solved, not as brick

Stop Looking For Evidence

By Ricky Rusk Stop Looking For Evidence For your manifestations For your beliefs When you know something, there is no reason to check You already know Yoda does not need external validation from the force A true Jedi knows the force, but Han Solo needs it to be proven The Jedi know it   Know it When you know, there is no reason to check There is no reason to check your phone for the text if you know what’s on the other side Stop checking Be in the moment Be in each and every moment   True knowledge is to truly know Anything, not everything A dog who knows its owner is coming back has no reason to check the door It will await faithfully And still will be full of love when the time comes True knowledge is to truly know   I know that I am loved The truth of my belief doesn't rely on external validation; its essence remains unchanged The world providing that validation is a blessing and part of the human experience,