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What Do You Want?

By Aubert Bastiat   About 150,000 people in the world will die today. So if there was ever a time to stop holding back it's now. Stop holding back your love and share it generously with all those around you. Stop holding back your tears and grieve for the little boy within who was punished for crying. Stop holding back your f*ck, quit the porn, and channel your insatiable egos into ravishing her body, mind, heart and soul in the name of all that is holy. Stop holding back your suppressed desires to live the life, do the thing, travel the world, and be the wild human you were born on earth to be. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed for any of us. It all begins with being radically honest with yourself about what you truly desire. If you want to experience something you have to become it.  Want more peace in your world? Discipline your mind, meditate, and cultivate a relaxed and resilient nervous system so you can ground yourself and others into the zen of this eternal now. ⁣   Want dee

Find It

By Jayden Kyryluk We all want something. Good health, money, romance, adventure, a raise…it’s natural for us to want something we don’t have. We are animals after all; we look to the world for gratification. But why are the rich unhappy? Why do attractive people get depressed? Why does the fulfilment of love often flutter over time? What is the disconnect? Nothing lasts forever, and we know that. Whether we admit it or not, when we get what we want, we know it won’t last, and we look for something new as soon as we get it. It’s as if our desire for something is the thread that holds us to who we think we are. If that thread snaps, we lose ourselves. We’re always trying to keep that thread from breaking, asking, “ what’s next? ” Round and round we go, telling ourselves, “ this is it ,” and “ now I will be happy, now I am fulfilled .” When you get what you want, how do you feel? Great right? But for how long? How long until that new car or accomplishment brings you energy and fulfills yo