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Purposeful Presence

By Jayden Kyryluk Breath for the sake of breathing. Play for the sake of playing. Sing for the sake of singing and dance for the sake of dancing.   In everything that you do, do it for nothing but itself. Laugh for the sake of laughing and cry for the sake of crying . Do it for no one but yourself. Do everything that you do fully, without inhibition. Do it as if it is the only thing that matters. Not for the future, not for the past; right here, right now.   Love for the sake of loving. Live for the sake of living.  All is found within itself. Do it, for it. That is the present moment. Originally written on May 20, 2023 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Finding Peace

By Jim Kyryluk Peace is something many people dream of, pray for, and wish for. But what happens when you actually find it? What happens when peace becomes a reality?   Many think they will find peace when they meet their true love, or when they achieve financial freedom. Others find it when they are close to nature, or find it within scripture. No matter how one finds peace, it is without question the greatest gift of all, for it is a gift from God. A gift that should never be taken for granted or dismissed, for it is truly the most divine gift anyone could receive. Peace is something that cannot be described. It must be felt, experienced, and embraced. Once you have experienced it,  you will want to scream it out for all to hear because it is the most wonderful feeling you will ever have. It is a calm, a stillness so profound, so incredible that words could never describe it. It is like falling into water that embraces you and warms you to your soul.  Peace can be found in the simple