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By Jayden Kyryluk Our beliefs are ever-changing .  It seems overwhelming to fit the concepts and traditions I resonate with into a concise philosophy.  But I've tried anyway. I call it Panmomentism . Consider this my first attempt.  What is Panmomentism ? Panmomentism is a combination of panpsychism and monism with a touch of existentialism, all with an overriding emphasis on the present moment and its synchronicity with the divine.  For reference, monism is the belief in non-dualism, that all of existence is One. There may be different animals, objects, and forms, but they all are unique manifestations of the same Whole . Panpsychism takes monism one step further. It is the belief that everything, both living and inanimate, possess a degree of consciousness, and that consciousness is the essence of the Whole . Some call the Whole God, Allah, the One , or Brahman. Existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning other than the meaning you give it, or in other words, the be