By Jayden Kyryluk

Our beliefs are ever-changing

It seems overwhelming to fit the concepts and traditions I resonate with into a concise philosophy. But I've tried anyway. I call it Panmomentism.

Consider this my first attempt. 

What is Panmomentism?

Panmomentism is a combination of panpsychism and monism with a touch of existentialism, all with an overriding emphasis on the present moment and its synchronicity with the divine. 

For reference, monism is the belief in non-dualism, that all of existence is One. There may be different animals, objects, and forms, but they all are unique manifestations of the same Whole. Panpsychism takes monism one step further. It is the belief that everything, both living and inanimate, possess a degree of consciousness, and that consciousness is the essence of the Whole. Some call the Whole God, Allah, the One, or Brahman. Existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning other than the meaning you give it, or in other words, the belief that we are defined by our individual existence.

From a macro perspective, life is one big cosmic joke. As humans, we naturally tend to install such importance on who we are; importance that subconsciously stems from our attachments. It's all a cosmic joke. Let's face it, we're not as important as we think. We're told from birth that we can change the world, but why don't we let the world change us? Not the human world, but the essence of the world. The perfect model exists already. It's found in the forests, oceans, sky, mountains, fields, and everywhere we are not.

We are not important. To be clear, by "we" I mean our bodies and who we make ourselves out to be. We live and we die. I'm sorry if that is grim, but have solace in the fact that you will be reborn. Again and again and again. We are ants that make ourselves out to be gods. When you consider humanity’s existence on one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy out of millions & billions and in one universe out of countless others, the truth of our ant-like existence is made clear. 

But not all is meaningless. Meaning can be truthfully uncovered within our conscious awareness.  In this expansive wasteland of space and time, we possess the unique ability and freedom to choose how we act, choose how we live, and choose how we see the world. Life is one big cosmic joke - laugh at it! 

How do you laugh at it then? Laugh at it with your actions. Tomorrow, do something you might consider “embarrassing." Over time, you will realize that the inhibitions that prevent us from doing what we want have been built up by our societal and cultural norms. When our ego tells us not to do something, it's because it fears what others think of it. Our predisposed reactions to certain actions are meaningless constraints imposed by our conditioned thoughts. Thoughts that are disposed of by a change of perspective. Much like being dealt a bad hand of cards, we cannot choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. There is so much meaning in that.

The realization of having full control over your perception is the prime mover principle of panmomentism. Consciously accepting what is given as it is given, without the colouring of your everyday thoughts, is the key to stillness. You are the director of the play of your life, meaning you can change the way you perceive it right now, and you can start that change of perception with your actions. That includes actively mastering bad habits and reinforcing good ones in an effort to make your mind your friend.

In this comedic drama we call life, true meaning is found in you consciously acting for and in appreciation of the present moment, for the present moment is where the divine resides. Past and future do not exist. They are conceptions of your mind. When you live for the moment, you live for infinity. When you live for infinity, you live for all that there is; you live in cognizance of the consciousness found in every moment and every being. And while we may seem separated from other beings as humans, our connection to the natural world is the infinitus present moment. 

Pause for a moment and look into the eyes of an animal. Really look at them. Can’t you see the peace in their eyes? Behind their emotions and conditioned stimuli lies the same essence that is found within you. Find yourself in their eyes; realize their consciousness, and through their consciousness see their divinity, and in the process find your own. For all beings possess a degree of consciousness. Humans, however, possess the unique ability to realize the true nature of consciousness. Humans can unlock its mystery with the key of the present moment; the mother and home of all consciousness, where the real you is found.

You’ve always been where you’ve wanted to go. You already have what you’ve been searching for. You’ve always been Whole, and you've always been home. Find peace in the present, for it is the greatest present existence has to offer. You are home in the present. But you can’t get there immediately. You must condition your mind to acquiesce to the present moment and the relentless stream of thoughts that keep you from it. This probably sounds wordy and convoluted, but you will know when you've arrived. In awareness, your truth will shine through. 

Only you know presence. Be it the quieting of the wind, the laugh of children, the shine of the sun or the fullness of love, you are the only one who can know your present moment. 

Life and faith are much more simple than grand prophecies, traditions, and prophets make them out to be. Find love, find truth, and find yourself in the present moment. Start by making people smile. Let their eyes take you to their soul, and realize that their essence is the same as yours. In realizing this, the existence of a source, a divine pool where your drop of consciousness calls home, is proven. For all will be shown to you once you surrender to the present moment. It all starts with a smile. It all starts with the moment. It all starts with you. This is Panmomentism


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