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Mirror of the Soul

By Jayden Kyryluk What calls to you? A mountain, tree, or cloud? A song or painting? Observing the silence of the wind or the evening sun? What makes you feel  In these moments, you are witnessing the mirror of the soul.  First, find your mirror. These are spaces where the spiritual transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, where witnessing becomes feeling and feeling becomes truth. In Sanskrit, truth is satyam. Sat means “that which is true”; and yam means “to hold,” “to tame” or “to examine.” These moments where the mirror shines through are when you feel most you. When you examine and hold that which is true, and what is the truest of all? Your soul.  Forget your worries, forget the time and the person you think you are; find the mirror of your soul and sink into the ever-flowing river of truth.  These momentary spaces beyond time are the deepest and most blissful drops of existence. Like a drop of water to a growing tree, these moments nourish us with energy. The mirr