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Without & Within

By Jayden Kyryluk Everything that is without is within. What is found in the exterior is reflected in the interior. The noises of a city; the homes, people, love, hate, passion, and distraction…what is found without is found within. We create the world we know and what we know emerges from within. The world we see with our physical eye is but a reflection of the interior Eye. One need not escape from the outside world but create one that is a reflection for what they seek in themselves. If you don't like what you see outside yourself, you will not like its reflection within. So change what you see within and your world without will follow. It all starts from within.  The source of change, of who you want to be and what you want to see, is already within you .

The Stillness of Now

By Kyle Wilfer As a mountain manifests the silence between the words in an incarnation of grace and magnitude, the sheer chaos that pours out is met with a semblance of perfection. Just as our ego paints the canvas of the soul; a mountain invokes storms, houses wildfires, and harbors death and life. The duality of such grace is pure and just.  Allow me to see, but not to possess.  Allow me to hear, but not to react.  Allow me to taste, but not to want. Allow me to love, but not to desire.  Allow me to be in the world, but not of it.  Ah so, and that too. As yet another part of the sadhana arises at every moment, no goal but the power of now lingers in this heart. What shall manifest will be as is written.  Kyle's Bio: I am witnessing the promises and pitfalls of this incarnation and writing is the mechanism in which the witness can speak. Through my many travels I have come to some amazing realizations that have carried on to everyday life. Finding God in the everyday is something