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The Crossroads of Time

By Jayden Kyryluk On the outskirts of the Armenian ghost city of Ani, I sit in an abandoned terrace carved into the mountainside with a crumbling fresco adorning the arched roof. I see two angels above what appears to be Jesus Christ. The fading colours within and without the outline of figures and crumbling plaster are all that's left. Surrounding me are the signatures of people who have visited this room. I see messages in Armenian, Georgian, Arabic, and Turkish script dated 1916, 1886, 1908, 1880, and 1968.  This room is the crossroads of time, culture, language and religion. This room is the very crossroads of humanity. Over a hundred years ago and more, people just like I discovered this fresco, struck by its beauty. They wrote their names down. Perhaps to remember the day, or to be remembered in history. Now, hundreds of years have gone by and the meagre handwriting on these walls is all that remains of their story. History has forgotten their race, religion, and names; all t

Learning Through Blueing

By Aimy Tariq   Whatever is causing sadness, fatigue or despair, know that it holds a deep sense of belongingness within you in that specific moment of experiencing; where rejection, loss, or disappointment acts as acceptance and a kind of protection, and there's a reckoning of a strong bong between what we lose and how in that process of grieving or disconnect we witness light, learning, and a unique level of awareness rising with each breath a light cloud, soft sunshine, and the blueing of what seems imperfect, uncontrollable, or scary in all actuality it's an invitation to enter into realms of authenticity, unconditional love, forgiveness, and care. Our nervous system is a wired intelligent mechanism as it opens up portals of acceptance of new neural pathways, and keeps us safe and at home, and when we navigate through tougher moments allowing them to pass as impermanent layers of happenings, the anxious self slowly learns renewal while coping through it.  Aimy is