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Who Are You?

By Jayden Kyryluk How about I ask you this: who are you? Take a moment and consider this question. What makes you, you? Take a few minutes and reflect on who you really are. … Ready? For most of us, our answer is along the lines of our nationality, gender, the sport that we play, the school we go to or our profession. It may be our parents, friends, car, clothes, but most commonly, our body. They are the ingredients of our soup. What if you lost one of these ingredients, maybe two? How about all of them? What if you sold your car, quit your job, got some plastic surgery, renounced your citizenship, and lost all memory of your childhood and all of your friends? Yeah, that's dark, but if you lost these things - who would you be then? I mean, you'd still be living and breathing. You'd still be human. How can we be the things that we can so easily lose? These things, or attachments, then, cannot be who we truly are. One question inevitably arises: Who Am I?  When we refer to ou

How Did You Get Here?

By Jayden Kyryluk Before we begin this journey, I must ask you to consider the manner in which you got here. How did you get to the point of picking up this insignificant compilation of words on this day, at this time, and in this frame of mind? Was it random, or was it meant to be? Were you pulled to it, or did someone recommend these ramblings of some guy's mind? You see, how we become the person we are may seem completely random, yet if you take a deeper look, there are ulterior forces that direct more of our life and our decisions than we think. These familial, social, and cultural forces, among many others, shape our lives and form the person we make ourselves out to be. But the problem is just that, the things that surround us are who we think we are. The "true you," that part within you that never changes, is waiting to be found. What is here? Here is the relationship we are building with one another through the words on this page. Here is every breath you take. He