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Yes or No?

By Jayden Kyryluk Yes or no. Yes or no. Our lives are ruled by these three and two letters words. Oh how incredible they are! Our choices and decisions lie on the path between yes or no. A thought comes! Yes, or no? Shall I act on this thought or not? A decision must be made! We are creatures of action living in a world of effervescent movement. Yes or no! A decision must be made! Sitting in the train station with so many other creatures all thinking the same thing - “yes or no?” Is this my train? Yes or no? Will I make it? Yes or no? We’re all trapped on the path between yes or no. The path is a moment that always leads to another like a train leaving one station for the next. A infinitely repeating moment unique to each of us.  Yes or no? A decision must be made! “Always be moving forward” our peers tell us. “Where you are now is not good enough” they tell us. “Always put one step in front of the other” we are told. The present must yield to the future! Yes or no, yes or no, yes or n