Reflections on Resurrection

By Aubert Bastiat

Jesus spoke of resurrection, not just as a future event, but as a path – the “narrow path” – open to his followers. But what does resurrection truly entail?⁣

The answer emerges in several ways. The ultimate resurrection is a grand project – complete spiritual liberation, a state of enlightenment achieved by great sages who, like Yeshua, have walked the entire “Cycle of Initiation,” a journey spanning multiple lifetimes.⁣

Yet, there’s another kind of resurrection, a smaller step closer to home. We can experience it on a personal level, at any stage in our development. This is the “seed of change” that makes all the difference. The grand journey begins with a single step, taken exactly where we stand.⁣ There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual’s path unfolds uniquely, and every step is always the first on a grander journey. This vast cycle of initiations mirrors itself in our daily lives – the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. Just as the solar system exists within every atom, the path to self-discovery finds echoes within a 24-hour day or a 7-day week. Even the rest we experience during sleep or a weekend holds a hint of resurrection, a renewal.⁣ 

Easter, an ancient tradition predating even Judaism, serves as a living testament to this connection. It celebrates the evolution of the soul, aligning with the annual cycle of the sun and mirroring the path of initiations found in Eastern wisdom.⁣

The Easter egg, a legacy of pagan spring festivals, symbolizes the rebirth of life in all its forms. The hare or bunny, present in this “festival of regeneration,” carries echoes of Egyptian culture. A symbol of fertility, it represents the cyclical nature of life. Tradition has us hide Easter eggs for children to find, reflecting their pure potential for new beginnings.⁣

Children, after all, embody the spirit of life starting anew. In a way, the soul of every human being retains a childlike spark, forever capable of rebirth. When we recognize this, we awaken to the ever-present spring within us, no matter the season. We begin to see not just the year’s cycle of renewal, but the longer cycle of growth that shapes our entire life’s journey.

I’m Aubert, a father of three boys, mystic, somatic facilitator, community leader, and visionary co-founder of Sacred Sons, a movement of embodied masculinity that transforms the lives of men from the inside out. I’m here to steward the remembrance of humanity’s birthright as sons and daughters of the Most High Creator, through deepening masculine & feminine unity in my work with men, women, couples, and groups.


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