Stop Looking For Evidence

By Ricky Rusk

Stop Looking For Evidence

For your manifestations

For your beliefs

When you know something, there is no reason to check

You already know

Yoda does not need external validation from the force

A true Jedi knows the force, but Han Solo needs it to be proven

The Jedi know it


Know it

When you know, there is no reason to check

There is no reason to check your phone for the text if you know what’s on the other side

Stop checking

Be in the moment

Be in each and every moment


True knowledge is to truly know

Anything, not everything

A dog who knows its owner is coming back has no reason to check the door

It will await faithfully

And still will be full of love when the time comes

True knowledge is to truly know


I know that I am loved

The truth of my belief doesn't rely on external validation; its essence remains unchanged

The world providing that validation is a blessing and part of the human experience, to be acknowledged, accepted, appreciated, and cherished

Be thankful for it when it’s there, but the world doesn’t owe it to you, which certainly adds to its beauty

Just because the world isn’t showing validation to you, doesn’t mean it’s not true


To truly know is to have faith that your way is true

The pursuit of truth lies within

If you think you need the world to show you truth, than you have missed the point

I know that I am loved

I don’t need to hear "I love you"

But I don't reject somebody saying it

I know that my art touches the soul

I don’t need that to be shown to me

But I don’t reject someone saying it


Doing it for love cannot equal doing it out of love

One, the love is the object

Two, the love is inherent

Both are exactly different


Being attached to results is to expect the world to validate

When in truth, the world is the one that gets validated by you and your core beliefs

Faith that the world will bless you is the way

Faith that God loves you

Acting for God

Not acting to God

Serving God rather than bartering with Him

Expect nothing in return

If something returns, cherish it

And continue on your way


Ricky is a musician who finds meaning in the silence between the notes. Inspired by Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead guitarist John Frusciante, and others such as Dave Grohl, Skinshape, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix, Ricky sees music as his path towards truth. These days Ricky spends his time playing and recording music with different local artists and groups. Just like finding the right note, Ricky is always searching to better understand who he is, and writing is a new path that helps him do so.


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