Soul Infection

By Jayden Kyryluk

Be an infection. Not a health infection, but a soul infection. Infect others with a positive attitude. Infect them with a beautiful outlook on life; on the small things, on the things we all overlook. Look up at the sky in awe and see the clouds as you see your mother and hug them in wonder. Infect everyone you meet with happiness. Look down at the grass and up at the trees as a child in generous curiosity. For happiness, fulfillment, and love is found not on the surface, but within. When you find inspiration in the world, that feeling you get doesn’t come from what you see or what you seek, but from how you feel. It comes from a place you've already been before. On the surface, the sky, clouds, grass, and the trees appear to be a mere function of life, but in truth, they are life itself, and so are you. They are mirrors reflecting one another, so ask yourself: what do I want to reflect? 

Your energy is contagious–reflect it onto others. Infect them with you, with life. Lead the way and others will follow. But you must know your way first, so find yourself and be yourself. Then, you can infect others with love itself.


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