Being Human

By Jayden Kyryluk

There is a deep loneliness in human beings. We search but we cannot find and we yearn for what we cannot have. We find ourselves looking over the edge of truth in search for what is false. It’s in our sight, but beyond our reach. In search of truth we look too far ahead or behind when it’s right in front of us. The sun is shining but we worry about the cloud’s drifting by. We worry about the river when the ocean is around the corner. Despite the clouds and obstacles that may block our view, the river continues to flow and the sun continues to shine, pulling us closer to the ocean within. There is beauty in everything and there is truth in beauty. 

Some lessons are mystical and others are plain old real. Both find their way in our everyday life. When we set a goal and adjust our habits to reach it, we learn a real lesson that we consciously brought on ourself. Othertimes, a spark lights up within us that gives meaning to past experiences; these are mystical lessons. The Greeks call this moment of truth Eureka (εὕρηκα) and the Japanese call this moment Satori (悟り), their term for awakening, “comprehension; understanding.” We shouldn’t obsess with looking for one or the other; they both have value in showing us the way.

The dual nature of the lessons we learn reflect our state of being simultaneously human and divine. Dancing between our nature is the art of life. We can’t go too far towards one. If we are too human, we are bound to suffer. If we are too divine, we might forget to eat, and that doesn't do us any good. The dance of life is moving with both by using one with conscious awareness of the other. Just like the clouds and the sun, our humanity and divinity are one side of the coin, and we are the coin itself. And what would a coin be without two sides?

What I want is in front of me and what is in front of me is right now. Right here, right now. Truth is elusive, but within reach. What is between the quest we seek and the pain we speak? That is the moment. The moment is between the object and the goal. The sun and the clouds and the river and the ocean. The future and the present. Loneliness is found outside this moment, but meaning is found within.


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